Additional Disks

Totally adaptable storage capacity for all uses
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Classic Volume

    Triple replication

    200 IOPS* guaranteed

    100% resilient

    Flexible storage

per month

High Speed Volume

    Triple replication

    Up to 3,000 IOPS*

    100% resilient

    Flexible storage

per month

Included with your machine

Your data:

  • Unlimited number of volumes per instance
  • Guaranteed I/O performance
  • Triple replication

Security & network:

  • 99.999% network SLA
  • 100% file durability
  • Anti-DDoS

Management and support:

  • OpenStack API
  • Control Panel
  • Email and phone support

OpenStack gives you the ability to easily migrate between providers and guarantees automatic deployments

This means that you can migrate to and from a third-party provider's platform at any time, making it easier to manage your files.